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Sensors and NSC groups put on a show at UZH Nature and Science Festival


Paper acceptances at ESSERC and RO-MAN

Congratulations to postdoc Rui Graca and PhD student Xiang Deng for having their papers on SciDVS and the quick tendon-elastic Dextra hand accepted to ESSERC and RO-MAN.


Paper Acceptance at CVPR 2024

Congratulations to Pehuen Moure and colleagues for their paper acceptance at CVPR 2024. Paper titled: "Regularized parameter uncertainty for improving generalization in reinforcement learning". 


Event-based Eye Tracking Challenge in AIS at CVPR 2024

Congratulations to Zuowen Wang and ex-members Qinyu Chen and Chang  Gao for the successful organization of the Event-based Eye Tracking Challenge in AIS: Vision, Graphics and AI for Streaming CVPR Workshop.


Paper presented at IEEE ISCAS 2024

Congratulations to ex-members Qinyu Chen and Chang Gao for their paper at ISCAS 2024. Paper titled: "Epilepsy seizure detection and prediction using an approximate spiking convolutional transformer". The paper won the Best Paper - Honourable Mention Award from the IEEE ISCAS Neural Systems and Application Technical Committee (NSATC).


Blog of entire CapoCaccia Neuromorphic Workshop

Check out for a complete blog of the workshop activities. And check out the CCNW2024 final demos video on YT.


S-C. Liu presents keynote talk at 2024 Neural-inspired Computational Elements (NICE) Conference 

The conference ran for three days of inspiring keynotes and lectures, interactive posters, and live demonstrations. The 2023 Misha Mahowald awards were also presented during the conference.

See the NICE Program here.


Three Sensors Group PhD defenses in one month

A big congratulations to Xi Chen (28 Feb), Joachim Ott (7 Mar), and Rui Graca (22 Mar), who all successfully defended their doctoral thesis within one month.


T Delbruck presents keynote "Noise Limits of Event Cameras" at Huawei Frontiers of Imaging workshop in Cambridge UK

Check out entire talk on YouTube


T Delbruck presents CSTIC keynote on 50 Years of Silicon Retina History.

The talk was presented remotely at Semicon China CSTIC in Shanghai

Watch the similar talk presented Nov 2023 in the Rockwood Memorial Lecture at UCSD/Salk


S-C. Liu presents talk at 2024 IEEE ISSCC Forum on Intelligent Sensing 

The forum discussed the use of different sparsity types in increasing energy-efficiency of intelligent edge sensing devices.

See the ISSCC Program here.

Tobi Delbrück Talks Caltech, Cameras, and Neural Control

Sunny Bains interviewed Tobi for one of the Brains and Machines EE Times podcast series that focuses on neuromorphic engineering. Check out the podcast.


Measuring rain droplets with an Event Camera paper published

How do you measure rainfall droplet size distributions? It turns out to be necessary to know the size and speed distribution to infer the volume of water and the erosion effect. Our collaboration with Dr. Joerg Rieckermann at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG) has just appeared in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

"Measuring diameters and velocities of artificial raindrops with a neuromorphic event camera" reports a novel rain droplet measurement method that uses a neuromorphic event camera to measure droplet sizes and speeds as they fall through a shallow plane of focus. Experimental results report accuracy similar to a commercial laser sheet disdrometer. Because these measurements are driven by event camera activity, this approach could enable the economical deployment of ubiquitous networks of solar-powered disdrometers. Check out the DVS Disdrometer paper website.


NeuraViPeR cortical visual prosthetic simulation shown at Scientifica

PhD student Niklas Hahn developed and demonstrated a simulation of possible visual restoration with cortical implant at Scientifica. Check out the video.

The NeuraViPeR project is a consortium of 6 labs and 1 SME across Europe coordinated by Shih-Chii Liu. The Sensors group is developing energy-efficient neural network accelerators receiving visual input and suitable for conveying maximum useful information to subject over the extremely limited implant channel.


Dextra RoShamBo robot shown at Scientifica

PhD student Xiang Deng built a cool new tendon-driven hand to demo our event camera Dextra robot at Scientifica. Check out the video.

This new spin on our previous Dextra was inspired by a collaboration with Stefan Weirich and Prof. Robert Katzshmann (ETH Soft Robotics Lab) via semester student Nathalie Biere

Code to run the inference:
Original citation: Lungu, Iulia-Alexandra, Federico Corradi, and Tobias Delbruck. 2017. “Live Demonstration: Convolutional Neural Network Driven by Dynamic Vision Sensor Playing RoShamBo.” In *2017 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)


Best poster award at AICAS 2023

Congratulations to Sheng Zhou, Master Student Xi Chen, and Dr. Kwantae Kim for winning the best poster award at AICAS 2023 for their paper: Sheng Zhou, Xi Chen, Kwantae Kim, and Shih-Chii Liu. 2023. “High-Accuracy and Energy-Efficient Acoustic Inference Using Hardware-Aware Training and a 0.34nW/Ch Full-Wave Rectifier.” In *2023 IEEE 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS)*, 1–5. IEEE. doi:10.1109/AICAS57966.2023.10168561. . .

2023-06-23 16:26

Papers presented at IEEE ISCAS 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Kwantae Kim, Dr. Qinyu Chen, and Shu Wang for their papers at ISCAS 2023. Papers titled: " A 3.11 μW 40 nV/√Hz Instrumentation amplifier for bio-impedance sensors exploiting positive-feedback-assisted gain boosting", and "An area-efficient ultra-low-power time-domain feature extractor for edge keyword spotting", and "End-to-end prediction of sodium concentration from uncalibrated sodium ISFETs”.

2023-06-20 15:50

2023 ICASSP paper presented on Continual learning to generate sequences

Congratulations to Joachim Ott on the acceptance of his paper to ICASSP 2023. The paper titled "Biologically-Inspired Continual Learning of Human Motion Sequences", presents a brain-inspired model for generating temporal sequences in the context of continual learning.  Ott, Joachim, and Shih-Chii Liu. 2023. “Biologically-Inspired Continual Learning of Human Motion Sequences.” In *2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)*, 1–5. IEEE. doi:10.1109/ICASSP49357.2023.10095490. . 2023-06-20 15:50

Cartpole Dancer using RPGD

Check out the cartpole dancer robot that uses our new RPGD MPC optimizer is on YouTube. See RPGD news below.

2023-03-15 07:23

CVPR paper accepted on polarization event camera reconstruction

Congratulations to visiting CSC student Haiyang Mei for his paper with Phd student Zuowen Wang and Tobi Delbruck that was accepted to the main CVPR conference. His paper is about  directly reconstructing degree and angle of linear polarization from the "Bio-inspired Polarization Event Camera" PDAVIS, the first integrated polarization event camera, which we constructed as a collaboration with the BioSensors Lab of Viktor Gruev at UIUC. 

The CVPR paper is titled "Deep Polarization Reconstruction with PDAVIS Events". See the video Polarization Event Camera (PDAVIS) summary. See also the associated CVPR 2023 Workshop on Event-based Vision demo paper "Live Demo: E2P-Events to Polarization Reconstruction From PDAVIS Events" and the video  PDAVIS E2P Demo.

2023-03-08 08:07

Resampling Parallel Gradient Descent MPC optimizer paper accepted to IRCA 2023

Congratulations to the whole neural control team of Frederick, Marcin, Diego, Forian, Xiang, Ennio and Tobi for their great work to get our 2nd real control paper accepted to a major robotics conference. The paper is Heetmeyer, Frederik, Marcin Paluch, Diego Bolliger, Florian Bolli, Xiang Deng, Ennio Filicicchia, and Tobi Delbruck. 2023. “RPGD: A Small-Batch Parallel Gradient Descent Optimizer with Explorative Resampling for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control.” In *2023 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)*, 3218–3224. doi:10.1109/ICRA48891.2023.10161233.

2023-03-08 08:02

Gone Fishing Robot

Check out the new video about the Gone Fishing Robot

2022-10-15 19:41

Event Sensor Fusion workshop

Min Liu, Shu Wang, and Tobi Delbruck,  together with Guang Chen (Tongji U) and Daniel Clarke (Cranfeld U) organized the first workshop on event sensor fusion. Videos of all talks and the final Event Sensor Fusion Jeopardy trivia game are now available!

2022-09-25 12:00