Meet the Sensors Group

Postdocs & Staff

Dr. Longbiao Cheng

PostdocAudio DNNs

Dr. Ilya Kiselev

PostdocEmbedded systems, SNNs for audio

Rui Graça

Scientific event camera

PhD students

Florian Bolli

Technical StaffLearning to control, F1Tenth racing

Zixiao Li

Digital neural networks

Niklas Hahn

Cortical visual prosthetics

Pehuén Patricio Moure

Continual learning for control

Sheng Zhou

Mixed signal audio processing chips

Xiang Deng

Learning to control: Motorcycle robot

Marcin Paluch

Learning to control, hardware neural network control, cartpole and F1Tenth racing

Lt. Col. Brian McReynolds, USAF

Event cameras for space domain awareness

Zuowen Wang

Cortical visual prosthetics, deep learning algorithms


Zhuyun (Judy) Zhou
May-Dec 2024

3rd year PhD student, Université de Bourgogne
DVS sensor fusion in F1TENTH racing

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Former PhDs and Postdocs

Dr. Patrick Lichtsteiner

Dr. Raphael Berner

Dr. Christian Brandli

Dr. Yuhuang Hu

Dr. Minhao Yang

Dr. Alessandro Aimar

Dr. Shu Wang

Dr. Andreas Steiner

Dr. Josep Margarit-Taule

Dr. Min Liu

Dr. Daniel Neil

Dr. Enrico Calabrese

Dr. Stan Kerstjens

Prof. Chang Gao

Dr. Kwantae Kim

Prof. Rico Moeckel

Dr. Diederick Moeys

Dr. Hongjie Liu

Dr. Chenghan Li

Dr. Bodo Ruckauer

Dr. Stefan Braun

Dr. Enea Ceolini

Dr. Chen-Han Chien

Prof. Qinyu Chen

Jithendar Anumula

Iulia Lungu

Hasan Mohamed

Dr. Joachim Ott 

Dr. Xi Chen 

Dr. Daniel Fasnacht (RIP)

Former visitors

Prof. Antonio Rios

U Seville

Prof. Alejandro Barranco

U Seville

Prof. Ryan Kastner


Supported by SNF grant IZSEZ0_210473)

Dr. Damien Joubert
Western Sydney U

Supported by ICNS WSU

Dr. Shasha Guo

Dr. Germain Haessig
Western Sydney U

Supported by ICNS WSU

Haiyang Mei
Dalian U of T

Hong Ming Chen

National Taiwan U of Sci and Tech

Susanne Keller

ETH Zurich

Ante Maric

U Zagreb